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With strategic partners with more than 30 years of experience in hospitality services nationally and in the US, at Farniente we have our goal very clear: to offer unique travel experiences, take care of your property and maximize the return on your investment.

By Farniente managing your property you will also receive a return on your investment, that's the real luxury since you will have a second home that is kept in optimal conditions for when you decide to use it. It won't cost you money, time or effort.

Farniente, unlike other vacation rental companies, offers a luxury Condo - Hotel service. We have a face-to-face team for all your needs. Our service and amenities are equivalent to those in a luxury hotel.



Farniente inspects the property according to the highest level of quality before being certified, offering added value to the property and guaranteeing quality to the guest stay.


Our online reservation service gets a greater market reach, formalizes payment and allows you to monitor the rental process. We accept more payment methods than the competition, such as: VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, Pay Pal, AliPay, Transfers, bank deposits and cash payments accepting USD, Mexican Pesos and Euros.


Check in & WhatsApp Concierge. Our staff will take care of guests at checking in and familiarizing them with the property and its rules. We also have a concierge service through WhatsApp for any need such as restaurant suggestions, tours, transportation or any unforeseen needs that may arise. Through our WhatsApp concierge you will have benefits such as discounts on tours, priority restaurant reservations, preferential transportation rates, among others.

Higher Range, more payment options our online reservation service increases your market range, formalize the payment and allows your to track the rent process. Besides online payment,  we accept credit card, payments through PayPal and cash in Mexican Pesos and American Dollars.


Property owners have a

20% discount on night rates

at Nao Hotels

As well as a 15% discount in the restaurants and bars of Sofa Entertainment Group


We provide top-notch 100% organic certified amenities.

How does it work?

Apply for a membership

Deposit vacant time

Enjoy the benefits

Farniente books an inspection to add your property to the club.

Deposit the weeks that you wont be using the property and it will be available for others to rent.

Receive a return of investment and do not worry about your property maintenance.

How we work?

We charge a monthly fee of $90 to $250 USD which depends on the destination

where the property is located, number of rooms and square meters.


Also, we charge a commission of 20% on effective reservations. (25% in properties where

there are other vacation rental companies operating besides Farniente).


The commission is charged from the net rate per night which varies depending on the season of the year. Friends and family

of owners are charged 10% commission. OTA Taxes and Commissions are paid by guests who rent the property.


The job of positioning your property is not easy and requires a lot of time invested on business strategies to reach the goals of your return on investment. Our marketing strategy is based on establishing dynamic rates, which are established according to the supply and demand of each season. This strategy allows us to take advantage of higher rates and higher occupancy throughout the year.



Our service includes:

- Monthly and annual service payment.

- Monthly expense reports.


- Cleaning services.

- Cleaning products.

- Amenities (shampoo, conditioner, hand and body soap, body cream, toilet paper).

- Purified welcome bottled water.

- Bathrobe and slippers (if required by the guest).


- Minor maintenance.

- Weekly maintenance inspection.

- Fumigation based on needs.

- Control and supervision of external suppliers.


- Inventory control.


- Laundry service.


We establish a return of investment goal

and establish dynamic rates.

We analyze the best online distribution channels and upload your property to the most important OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as the Expedia family,, AIRBNB,, HomeAway, among others. Making a detailed description of the property and its amenities, with photographs that make the guest feel the wonder that is their property and destination.


According to the characteristics of your property, we look for alternative sales opportunities, such as business groups, traditional travel agencies, weddings, retreats, anniversaries, etc.


We make agreements with external agencies that allow us to put together packages where we can include breakfast, transportation, tours, a sunset on a boat, among others. Offering attractive discounts for our guests. With this strategy we can maintain high rates.


We deliver exposure to your property on social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram, which allows us to get in touch with potential guests in all parts of the world through influencers who are strategically selected to engage potential guests.


We advertise on e-banners of the best online travel agencies and other pages of interest in each sector of potential guests.


Loyalty of guests. W generate a community of happy guests based on word of mouth advertising and online reviews of our properties, offering promotions, discount coupons, mail blast of monthly promotions and other strategies.


We have a sales strategy that while we sleep, we continue selling reservations and provide the necessary attention at all times. We have a top PMS software to manage online reservations, process payments, and manage everything related to the guest's stay.


Complete cleaning of the unit - cleaning windows and floors. Deep cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. Change of air conditioning filters (with material cost), among others.


Apply and become a Farniente partner

Farniente Commitment


Other goal for your property is to get the highest possible occupancy which will lead us to have a high return of investment. To achieve this, we have a strategy called MKT 360.

We work with the most suitable OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) for the destination where your property is located, such as Expedia Inc.,,, AirBnb, among others. At the same time, we have a rate manager on our team who provides us with important information in order to have the highest possible rate per night based on seasons and other variables affecting the destination where your property is located. The brand presence is made by a private group of international influencers who will share their experience on your property. We focus on making our guests feel the experience through photos and videos targeting the different human senses. We pay for the initial cost * to have the best material that will be used for these strategies. We work with a company from San Francisco, USA for SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization) and Redirect MKT which allows us to get more bookings.

*Farniente initially pays the photo session in order to have the material in the different sales channels as quickly as possible. Subsequently, this cost will be discounted from the owner's monthly income statement.


It is important to us that homeowners have access to their property information at all times. Therefore, they have access to our PMS (Property Management System) where they can see data such as rates, occupancy, income, booking calendar, among other important data. Farniente is responsible at all times for the property's inventory. If there is any damage done by any of the guests, we take care of it and replace the item as it was at the time of check in.


We take care of all the property services (water, electricity, gas, internet) monthly payments and needs (special needs with additional cost). We deliver the results of the property on a monthly basis. These are delivered before the 20th day of the expired month (Example: May 2020, delivered no later than June 20, 2020).

It is in everyone's interest that the property is always in an optimal condition. Out team will check weekly the property looking for any maintenance issues, fumigation will be done if necessary and any maintenance issues less than $ 75 USD (with cost for materials). Maintenance issues greater than $ 75 USD authorization will be requested to the owner. We also provide the service of supervision to any external provider that performs authorized needs in the property.


Owners agree to have a deposit of $ 500 USD for 1-bedroom units or $ 1,000 USD for properties of 2-bedroom or more, at all times. This deposit allows Farniente to operate efficiently so there is no maintenance issues or service cancelation on the property.

The distribution of profits is made monthly Farniente accepts the use of the property by friends of the owner.

Owners have 14 days (on yearly calendar, not at the time of signing the contract) of Condo-Hotel service. If they require this service after the 14 days period, it can be provided at an additional preferential cost.


We suggest all owners not to use their units in high season which is where the property generates the highest returns of investment. There is no obligation for the owner to a limit of use of their property, but we do suggest that it is a priority to leave these dates free to reach the established goal. It is stipulated that if the owner uses nights in any season, the date must be separated 60 days in advance. In case of not doing it, you have to see the specific availability with Farniente for these dates to be approved.


Statistics state that the positioning of a new development in the market takes 10 months on average, given the above, the initial contract with Farniente is signed for a 24 months term. Renewals for a 12 months term.

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