Is the Return of Investment guaranteed?

No. The vacation rental business can't guarantee a return of investment due to the endless nun controlled variables affecting each season. Such as elections, new laws imposed by the government, security in the area, sargassum season, global pandemic, etc. In our experience the few companies that state that they guarantee a ROI, end with legal problems because what they due is that they gamble with the monthly earnings to deliver the ROI that was promised and at the end they close and leave a hug

Is Farniente responsible for the common areas in the property?

No. Farniente's responsibility is from the door of your apartment to the inside. Outside areas are managed by another private company.

Is Farniente responsible for my jacuzzi or swimming pool maintenance?

Yes as long as they are inside the layout of the apartment. This is included in the monthly fee as a minor maintenance* service for jacuzzis and pools. Owners should know that this service is only for jacuzzis and pools inside their apartment area and never shared or in common areas.

Is there a private Chef service by Farniente?

Yes. Farniente can get you a private chef service, nanny service, drivers, among others. All this services come with an additional cost.

How is monthly payment delivered to owners?

This decision is made in a meeting with each of the owners where depending on their tax strategy / situation, Farniente suggests different options for them to decide which fits bests.

I want Farniente to take care of my property but I don’t want it to be on vacation rental service, is this possible? 

Yes, with the monthly fee paid to Farniente, we can take care of your property and deliver all the services without the option of renting your property to guests.

I have a family member that works in the vacation rental business and I want him/her to rent my property is this possible? 

No, this is stablished in the contracts where Farniente is the only authorized company for vacation rentals. But we are open for a negotiation in where this person can work as an outside sales representative for Farniente. All reservations have to be thru Farniente’s Property Management System.

How you take care of all my properties belongings (inventory)? 

All belongings are controlled with a list that comes with photos and description. Once’s the inventory is signed by the owner if there is any new belongings, it is responsibility of the owner to acknowledge Farniente. If there’s is no acknowledge and update signed by the owner, Farniente will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

If some of my belongings are missing, who is responsible?

Contratación y pago de servicios e impuestos de la propiedad, pago de cuotas de mantenimiento y cuotas extraordinarias, asistencia a asamblea (a solicitud del propietario), mantenimiento correctivo y preventivo, revisión de la propiedad, fumigación, control de inventario mobiliario, limpieza semanal (aun sin renta de la propiedad) y cambio de blancos para huéspedes (en caso de contratar el paquete).

Farniente is responsible for any loss that’s in the signed inventory list as long as this happens with guests from vacation rentals. In other words, if owners use their property they have 6 hours to acknowledge any missing belonging. After this 6 hours period, Farniente will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

Can I get a service from an outside company that for example offers a Chef service? 

Yes, as long as it is not a company working with Farniente. You will need to notify the management company where your property is located for them to grant this company access to your apartment.

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